DataParenting was begun by two nerds whose mission is to add data and scientific reasoning to parenting.

Nathan loves building things, from robots to software. His son Mateo is a budding builder as well, spending his time emptying boxes and then filling them up again. We would insert many awesome superlatives about Mateo as Nathan let us.

Morgan’s son George Henry is not yet old enough to build much of anything. But, as of the day I wrote this, he just showed jealousy for the first time — getting jealous that Mom fed Dad in the airplane style that she had previously only used to feed him. But that just typifies his budding observation & analytical skills!

A Few Awesome Men and Women
Julian, Nat, Myra — and a few others are helping make the DataParenting dream happen. Stay tuned for more details about everyone soon.

Want to join our team? Our community is growing and we always love meeting awesome people! Just say hi!

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