The easiest and most fun way to track — and predict — your baby’s milestones and development. DataParenting is the first and ONLY crowdsourced baby data app.

PLUS: make sure your baby is developing well: compare your baby’s development with babies around the world: and share photos with your loved ones.

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DataParenting is the first and ONLY crowdsourced baby app on for the iPhone…

With tons of “touch of a button” features, including:

  • Record important baby moments (Never forget an important “first time”!)
  • For each milestone, see the data of how he/she compares to other babies
  • Easy sharing & upload so you can show off your baby’s progress with your friends and family
  • Scientific, data-based tips to keep your baby happy, healthy and improve his/her cognitive development
  • Supported by Pediatricians and Pediatric Clinics
  • It’s FREE!
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What early beta testers are saying…

“DataParenting is my go-to app for tracking baby George Henry’s development. It’s fun + I stay calm knowing he’s developing at a normal pace. Oh, and the tips are great! They help me keep a smile on his face every day :)”

— Morgan F.

“By far the best app for babies. I can’t believe it’s free. The highest quality resource of tips, tricks, and baby ‘hacks’ I’ve seen. My wife and I are absolutely loving it.”

— Nathan P.

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