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Is DataParenting free?
Yes. However, we will add in advanced features in the future so we can buy ramen noodles for our children.

Can I add in my own Milestones?
Yes. Click on the “+” button.

Are you crazy obsessed with privacy?
Yes. You have no idea how much.

Do you word all questions in the positive just so you can begin every answer with the word ‘Yes’?

Can I add in more than one child?
Adding more than one child as well as the ability to let two (or more) parents share children is high on our list of features to add. Keep an eye for it in the coming months.

What’s the point of creating a user and logging in?
First, this gives us a way to identify you and your data should you ever lose your phone, get a new phone or erase your existing phone. Second, it unlocks the delivery of tips to your phone. Third, it’s a short term solution to letting two parents run the app on their respective phones and both enter and view milestones for the same child (you both log in with the same account). Finally, if you log in with Facebook, you’ll be able to share milestones on your Facebook page if you want.

Or contact us: We don’t bite!

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