How much does it cost?

Free! (Note: there is a premium version coming out soon with some AWESOME new features! How much will it be? We’re not sure yet, but rest assured that the price will be as low as we can go.)

What is a milestone?

A milestone is an important moment/development in your baby’s life. Milestones could be… the first time your baby spits up, the first time the baby holds himself up all by himself, the first time your baby farts in public, etc.

Can I add my own milestones?

Of course!

Will you share my data with spammers?

Spammers make babies cry. We love sleeping babies.

Will you post my data online without my permission?


Can I see comparative data with other babies?

Indeed! You can even sort by race, religion, region, etc. Anything you want!

What do I do if I have any questions?

Contact us using our contact page or shoot an email to [email protected]

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